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Small business Ideas of Nose Inhaler.

No business is small. No matter how small it is, it is bigger than a job. Here we offer you “low-cost businesses of Nose Inhaler”  that you can do with very little capital. You can do this part-time Business. It is a business that can be started at a very low cost. If you have any investment issue you will do this business with very low capital. Nose Inhaler making is Low investment business. And you can own your own brand at a very low cost. The thing that is built in this business is that it is used more especially in winter, but it can be used all the year.

Business Plan.

 As soon as winter starts, people usually complain of cold. In the case of a cold, your nose is often blocked, which is very painful for you. Because of this blocked nose, you are snoring at night.

There is some products in market who resolve this issue, a plastic stick is used for this purpose which we call nose inhaler. It is very small in size which you can keep in your key chain or pocket.

It’s easy to carry anywhere. Its specially designed to pocket carry product which is very light in weight. Today we will know about Nose Inhalers making Business.

Market of Nose Inhaler.

We know about its sales, where this product is sold.

  • Medical store.
  • Grocery Store
  • Departmental store.
  • Cosmetic shops.
  • Online sotre.
  • OLX,com

These are the shops where we sell our product maximum. You can earn a good profit by placing this product in these stores or their wholesalers.

Balm Making Business

Production Techniques.

Know about the raw material used in it and its cost.

Initially you needs a stove and Mattel bowel which is full of water.

Then place another Mattel bowl place it inside of bowl. There is important thing don’t apply direct raw material in Mattel’s bowl and stove. This thing in done in small scale business if you enlarge your business the you need double jacket cattle for melting and reshaping business.

Petroleum jelly.

Petroleum jelly is petroleum product, this is basically lubricant product which is mostly use in cosmetics business, its protect your skin from hardness and dryness. This product is available in Bulk packing which of (220kg) and also available in small quantity from cosmetic raw material shops very easily.


Camphor is a chemical that used to be made by distilling the bark and its takes from camphor tree. Commonly camphor is extracted from turpentine. Camphor has a very distinct and gentle smell. It seems to stimulate nerves. Its help with symptoms such as pain and itching.

Menthol Crystals.

Its used as cooling agent in this product. You feels very refreshing smell. Here we use it as fragrance and cooling agent. We use it in very small quantity.

Eucalyptus Oil.

Its comes from Eucalyptus tress, its very common tree in our region and across the world. There is gentle properties of healing its commonly used in medicines. We use in many fields lets know about its benefits.

  1. Silence the Cough.
  2. Clear your chest infection.
  3. Keep the bug away.
  4. Disinfect wounds.
  5. Breathe easy.
  6. Control your blood sugar.
  7. Soothe cold sores.
  8. Freshen breath.
  9. Ease from Joint pain.

Turpentine oil.

This extract from pine tree, its used in chest rubs , when you inhale turpentine oil it may reduce congestion. When we use it it cause warmth and redness which causes to relief pain.

Inhaler Stick.

 It’s a plastic container where its packed.


Branding of your product. Its place in jar for showing your product name and identity.

Lip Balm Making Business

Making procedure of Nose Inhaler.

Initially you needs a stove and Mattel bowel which is full of water. Then place another Mattel bowl place it inside of bowl. There is important thing don’t apply direct raw material in Mattel’s bowl and stove.

Palace other Mattel bowl in worm water. Then put some petroleum jelly (1650gm),  leave this petroleum jelly until its melt when petroleum jelly completely dissolve then use Camphor (100gm) and Menthol Crystals (50gm) both of these component Mix in separate glass container when both powder mix its convert into liquid now this liquid use in melt petroleum jelly. Then we insert  Eucalyptus Oil(25ml) and Turpentine oil(100ml). Now place this liquid in plastic jars after 10-15 mints its become hard and get a shape of thick. Your product is ready. Go for labeling of this product and sell it in market.

Nose Inhaler Costing.

Liquid cost 1900 ml =1900 Rs

Plastic Stick cost .

Each container have 1ml liquid

 1900 piece @9 Rs each= 17100 Rs.

Labels cost = 1900piece@1 Rs each= 1900 Rs.

Card Box of 1 pieces.

1900 Box @ 5= 9500

Labour+electric+LPG cost.

1900 stick@ 0.50Rs. Each=950

Gross Total cost= 31350/-

Pieces= 1900

Each piece cost= 16.5

Selling price analysis of Nose Inhaler.

Now there is mostly famous brands are available in market in 120 Rs to 150 Rs. There is good margin is involves for competing market. You set a price is 100Rs. Give 20% margin to shopkeeper which is (20 Rs), 10 % margin to wholesaler( 10 Rs), and 5% margin to distributor(5 Rs). Now this is cost of 35 rupees margin that is given to others. and you will earn more than 400% of this one product.

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