Soy Sauce Making Business

soya sauce making business

A small business idea from which you can make thousands per month. It depends upon you that how much you are hard worker.  You earn millions of rupees. Here you learn how you start your soy sauce making business. Soy sauce making business is a unique idea. This is a small business. From this business you can earn millions and thousands per month. Soy sauce making business is small level of investment business. The business is a business started with very little money, in which uses very little material and machinery.

You can make it at home and make such a profit. Here is complete details of soy sauce small business product so that you can earn a decent profit. Can get rid from job and earn from your own business.

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Sale Point of Soy Sauce.

Here is following some channels where you easily sell your soy sauce products.

  • Departmental store,
  • Keryana Stores,
  • Hotels and restaurants,
  • Whole sale shops of food items,
  • Grocery stores,
  • Daraz online store
  • OLX Store

Where we use Soy Sauce.

Soy sauce is commonly used in food making, if you see there is much use in chines food.

Its basic ingredient in Chines foods as the time we often made chines foods at home or try it out side.

Like Chines Rice,

Chicken Manchurian,

Chicken black,

Chines Soup,

Chines Stock,

There is some famous dishes where this is used. Actually is used in many more dishes. This is famous in his unique taste and aroma.

You can prepare Soy Sauce and fill it in household packaging and give it to nearby shops.

You can make its packing special for the hotel, which will reduce the cost of the supplies they receive.

Soy Sauce Raw Material Details.

Water = 10 liter

Sugar= 600 gm

Glacial Acitic Acid= 100ml  

Black Paper = 50gm

China Salt  = 50gm

Soy flavor= 10ml

Machinery Requires for Soy Sauce Making.

  1.  Stove
  2. Pan
  3. mixture Stick.

Soy Sauce Making Procedure.

Let’s start with light-up the stove, put a metal bowl on it. After heating of pan put sugar in pan and start mixing it with stick. You cooked sugar in low flame.  After some time it change his condition and colour.

soy sauce making

Keep focus on sugar when its melt its colour will be initially dark white. Don’t stop cooking. Continue the process its get colour of golden then dark golden,

soy sauce making

After dark golden it becomes black.

sugar melting for soy sauce making

When its become black still move your stick in pan on low flame.

Take 10 litre water in another pan, when its become hot then take some water partially and put it sugar pan.

Continue shaking with stick when put hot water in sugar black liquid. Use all 10 litre water in sugar pan.

Its become black water in raw form. Here we use Glacial Acitic acid,

adding veniger in soy sauce making

Blak paper and chine salt.  Now we cooked in high flame until water remains 8 litres.

When the liquid get room temperature insert Soy flavor in it. Stain all the water in another pan now your product of Soy sauce is ready. Fill it in bottle and use it.

soy sauce finish condition
soy sauce making.

Soy Sauce Costing.

Acitic acid 100ml= 40Rs

Sugar 600gm= 80

Black paper 50gm =50

China salt 50gm= 100

Soy flavour= 30

LPG gass= 50
total cost= 350

Total liquid= 8 liter

Each liter cost= 43.75

Packing Guideline of Soy Sauce

We recommend you follow three size of your products.

500ml packing.

This packing is often used for home use.

1liter packing.

consumer used it as a family pack bottle of Soy Sauce.

5liter packing,

This special packed size is called this commercial packing. Its very low costing products for commercial user of vinegar and Soy Sauce.

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Feasibility Report of Soya Sauce Business

COSTING OF 500ml SoyaSauce
DetailsQuantityrateTotal amount
LIQUED06 LITER43.75262

There are many famous companies sell their product of 500ml in 200-250 rupees . but here we will retail our product in 120 rupees. We will given to distributor at 800/crtn, distributor will sale at 1000/crtn and shopkeeper will sale at 1440/ crtn.

COSTING OF 1liter Soya Sauce
DetailsQuantityRateTotal amount
LIQUED12 LITER43.75525

There are many famous companies sell their product of 1liter in 300-350 rupees . but here we will retail our product in 180 rupees. We will given to distributor at 1200/crtn, distributor will sale at 1500/crtn and shopkeeper will sale at 2160/ crtn.

COSTING OF 5liter Soya Sauce
DetailsQuantityRateTotal amount
LIQUED10 LITER43.75437

There are many famous companies sell their product of 5 liter in 600-800 rupees . but here we will retail our product in 500 rupees. We will given to distributor at 800/crtn, distributor will sale at 900/crtn and shopkeeper will sale at 1000/ crtn.

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