Peeled Garlic Business


Peeled Garlic Business.

The business we are going to talk about today is one that can make you rich overnight. This business is a must-have item for every home and every kitchen. Now you can earn millions of rupees overnight by doing this business. This is a low-investment business idea. The peeled garlic business is a unique and smart business idea. this is drive from demanding product from market.

Everyone wants to start a small business along with their job. Today we are going to tell you about a business with which you can earn millions of rupees with very little investment. It is a business that never fails. To do this business, only one room is needed. This is a small machine that can easily run on a household meter. Install it in a small room. This machine is not just a machine but a money maker. There is a machine. The product produced by this machine is sold in a place where money is money; it is their compulsion to use the goods produced by the production of this business. This is a must for every food point. Here, we introduce it to you.

Market Area.



five star hotles.

food court.

This business is to supply peeled garlic to food point. All good and small hotels need garlic. You have to buy garlic from the market and now put it in the currency machine. This machine peels the garlic for you. Done.

Now you pack it and supply it to the market. That’s all. Garlic is needed in every small and big hotel and it is used in every meal. Food makers generally need it.

First of all, you have to go to your nearest hotel and give samples of peeled garlic. The longest and most difficult task is to peel the garlic one by one. This peeled garlic is used in almost every dish. It causes difficulty and waste of time in cooking. You can peel the garlic every day and pack it in a simple plastic bag and put your label on it and seal it to the hotels easily. It is the best small business that you can easily do in part time. At present the price of unpeeled garlic is around 400 rupees per kg.

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When you peel the garlic, its price has become 800 rupees per kg.

And in this business, you have received all the price in cash, which means there is no borrowing in this business. Below are the pictures and specifications of the machine from

Let’s check out how it works.

there is very simple way for production with machine. here is demo how its works.

Fessibilty Report

1 kg garlic 400 rupees.
Cleaning: 200 grams = 80 rupees
Packing Cost: Rs.8
Label Cost: Rs.2
Electricity Charge: Rs.1
Other Expenses: Rs.5
Total cost: 496
Now you can sell it at the profit of the whole price and earn a good income.

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