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Here we review our small business ideas, what is the best Part-time business, which will help you to flourish. Bottle making business is a small business idea which will you can do as a part time. 

A small and unique business with the help of which you can earn millions. Bottle making is a small complete business. You can easily do this work with any existing business, or part time Business. This business can be started with proper investment. Its an idea about small scale business, we will help you to take step in your own small or part time business.

Very little machinery is required to do the work. And the raw material used in it is also available very commonly in market . Here we introduce you about this business.



Uses of Bottle.

At present, whatever you buy from the market for household needs is usually packed in plastic bottles. It is mostly used in beverages. Then whether it is cooking oil, any acid bottle, any cleaning items, confectionery jars, anything is incomplete without it.


Usage of Bottle in a many industries. Bottle making business is a good and demanding business. To do this business you need a medium level of investment. In this business you are only making raw materials for other industry. They are taking as a raw packing material from you. We have different types of empty bottles. You can make any kind of bottle dye and make a similar bottle.



Bottle Making business Machine.


There are only two things used in it.

Blowing Machine.

A pre-form is placed inside the machine and this machine molds the plastic pre-form into a bottle shape. This machine is equipped with a heater to soften the plastic and an air compressor for air. The preform is heated and this hot preform is inserted into the die. Then a high pressure of machine air is applied inside the die and after that the bottle is ready.

This machine also has different types.

Automatic machine.

You only put the pre-form inside this machine. This machine lifts the pre-form itself and makes a bottle and takes it out.

Semi-automatic machine.

This machine is cheap. Preforms are applied by hand on this machine. And the machine takes out the bottle after completion of time. Chances of wastage are slightly higher in this machine. Two cavity dies are used in this machine

Peeled Garlic Business


One stage machine.

This machine is a very advanced machine, in which only the plastic grain is inserted. This machine also makes its pre-form itself. After that, it also makes the bottle itself. It has the highest production capacity and the chance of wastage is also very low.

  1. Pet preform.



First of all you have to buy pet free form. There are different weights in pet pre form. Choose these weights. You use according to the weight of the bottle you buy.

How to Start Bottle Business.

First of all, you have to rent a place. Where there is a transformer of at least 50 KVA. You can usually find such places near any industrial area.

Generally their rent is from 20000 to 30000.

Get the machine fitted in such a place, take the pre-form and start making bottles. In summer season, generally water bottles, syrup bottles, and juice bottles are used more. In winter, cooking oil bottles, mustard bottles. Can also make oil bottles and sweetmeats jars. It requires very little labor. All you need is 1 plant manager and a helper and you are up and running.

Lets check its feasibility Report.

Building Rent

=20,000 to 30,000

Advance of Building

=100000 Rs

Blow machine semi Auto

800,000 Rs.

Air compressor

=250,000 Rs

Wiring / other expanse


Bottle Diye

50,000 Rs

Pet preform

400000 rs (for raw material)

Total Expected cost=1730,000

Now first of all you have to take a place on rent. Where there is a transformer of at least 50 KVA. Such places are usually found near any industrial area.

Selling ideas of products.



Get the machine fitted in such a place, take the pre-form and start making bottles.

Bottle in summer season

In summer season, generally

water bottles,

syrup bottles, 

juice bottles

Fridge Bottles,

are used more in summer seasons.

winter Season Products,

cooking oil bottles,

mustard oil bottles.


You sell your water bottles online, whole sale market, crockery market and 1$ shop.



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