Petroleum Jelly Business

Petroleum Jelly Business

Here is the business we are going to tell you about. This business can be done inside a small room and you can make huge profits from it. This is small business ideas which will you perform in small space and building even you can start in your own house. This is a business that will run women, boys and old age people. This business will run in low level of investment.  This is a small factory, a small operation, but the profit in it is very high. It is usually used in winter.

 This is skin care product. There is no any permit is needed from drug authority and any other department rather than registration authority of business handlers.

Consumer of Petroleum Jelly

This product is sold in cold areas. When your skin becomes dry and hard you use it more to protect your skin.

This business is definitely small but the profit from it is very high. This work is done with very few machines. This work is a kind of repacking work. You can bring more innovation in this work which is available in the market. The products of different famous brands are available at very expensive prices. You can make a good profit by packing them in more beautiful packaging.

The name of this business is VAISLEIN making Business. It is also commonly called “petroleum jelly”. It is very easy to repack and very profitable. To make it, you need petroleum jelly which is 220 kg.

It is available in large packaging. Its current price is 400 to 500 rupees per kg. It has to be packed in small boxes and branded with its name.

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Area Of Sales Petroleum Jelly

we will sell it on

  • medical stores,
  • grocery store,
  • departmental stores,
  • cosmetic stores
  • wholesale stores.

If your branding is good and its price is lower than other brands and more profitable for the shopkeeper, then you can earn a good amount of income in part time.

Preparation Of Vesline/ Petroleum Jelly

We understand the method of making it.

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List of materials used for making small scale.

2 steel pots.

1 stove.


First take water in a vessel and heat this water well. Then place another vessel in this water

. Now put petroleum jelly in this vessel. After a while you will see that this petroleum jelly is a liquid form. Now if you want, put it inside your packing box and let it cool. After cooling, it will return to its original state. Now you are ready to sell the product. You can also bring innovation in this product,

you can put any good fragrance in it and give this product the name of that fragrance, like the scent of coconut when it is melted petroleum jelly. Now this petroleum jelly of yours will become a brand with the name of Coconut. Similarly, if you put almond fragrance in it, it will be called petroleum jelly with almonds.


Costing of Petroleum Jelly.

Small plastic container=25 Rs (for Packing

Liquid 100ml= 45

Label/ sticker = 9 Rs

Other expanse = 3 rupees

Total expanse= 82 Rs

Profit Margins and Sales Prices.


Now there is mostly famous brands are available in market in 250 Rs to 390 Rs.

There is good margin is involves for competing market. You set a price is 200Rs. Give 10% margin to shopkeeper which is (20 Rs), 10 % margin to wholesaler( 20 Rs), and 5% margin to distributor(10 Rs). Now this is cost of 50 rupees and you will earn more than 50% of this one product.

This is a small business with the help of which you can earn millions of rupees from one product.


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